Time For You Sand Timer

Time For You Sand Timer by People I've Loved

Take a little “you time” with this sand hourglass and booklet. A 5-minute timer with glittery sand features lettering printed on and a tapered wooden stand, perfect for displaying wherever you’ll look when you need a reminder to take a second for yourself, whether it’s fixing a cup of tea or having a spontaneous dance party. Those ideas and more come in the included booklet.

Measures 2.5" x 4.5"

To our lovely community,

it’s with a broken heart that we announce an end to our time in our shop at 3176 Glendale Blvd. However, our online store will remain open as we transition to our next venture!

After almost 10 years in our space, we were served with a 30 day eviction notice.

While we still have our space, come and give it some love as we say goodbye to our first home.

Stay with us as we move onward and upward!