Purifyng Serum

Purifyng Serum by Heavy Oil. A serum formulated to purify the skin while grounding and cleansing the mind and spirit.

This blend brings together organic jojoba oil from a family farm in the Sonoran Desert and organic, unrefined baobab seed oil from Senegal, where women vastly dominate the farming and production of this Social Responsibility Certified oil. Jojoba and baobab work in tandem to create a base that restores and softens the epidermis and normalizes the skin’s sebum production.  Complimented with precious oils like prickly pear, borage, pomegranate, and rosehip seed oils, the Purifying Face Serum is a truly potent blend that works to meet your skin exactly where it is to improve its elasticity and radiance and even skin tone.  Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and K, and carotenoids, this blend soothes irritation, increases cell turnover, protects and reinforces the epidermis, neutralizes the action of free radicals, and penetrates the skin to deeply nourish and hydrate.  Frankincense and lavender relieve inflammation and redness, cypress leaf and black pepper tighten skin and prevent acne with their astringent and antimicrobial properties, and clary sage works to balance oily skin.  The aromatherapeutic nature of this blend is to clear cluttered mind, ground airy spirit, and soothe fiery soul.  Breathe deeply while applying.

100% Organic Ingredients


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