Olipop Soda

Olipop Soda. Clinically backed digestive health drink that benefits the microbiome, digestive function, and metabolic health. Gluten free, vegan, non GMO, paleo, and no added sugars. 

  • Ginger Lemon combines both Caribbean and European mulling spices for a potent, balanced, and complex flavor. Ginger is a natural digestive tonic that helps sooth the stomach and increase blood flow.
  • Cinnamon Cola is a classic reinvented to be both familiar and unique. Old style cola with vanilla, sweet cinnamon and caramel notes. Cinnamon and Nopal cactus have historically been used to help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Strawberry Vanilla is a bright take on classic strawberry cream soda. Rounded sweet flavor that feels like a real treat. We use real strawberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and vanilla bean essence.
  • Root Beer marries a classic bite with a creamy sweetness with extracts of sweet birch, smooth-vanilla bean and naturally sourced burdock root. We recommend pairing it with your favorite ice-cream.

Each sold individually
*For 4 or more cans, the cost of shipping will be invoiced separately. 

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