Holy Smokes Inka.Pinka Tube

Holy Smokes Inka.Pinka Tube by Moon Minded Medicine. This smooth blend features a flowery, chocolatey scent and a touch of sweetness towards the end. With incayuyo at its base, this blend tends to the heart and mind, while uplifting the spirit. One tube containes seven hand rolled smokes, rolled with rice paper, sealed with sugar gum and biodegradable cotton filters. 

Incayuyo (een-ka-shu-sho) is a small, shrub-like plant native to the northern region of Argentina. Its name translates to “herb of the Inca” as it is known to have been used by the Inca peoples as a digestive tea and inhaled to aid lung ailments. We source it from a small family in the Cordoba province of Argentina, where they wild-craft it from their local mountains and air-dry it in their adobe home.

Use as sacred smudge sticks, to wean off tobacco, to send prayers in the wind.

Intended for recreational + ritual use by responsible individuals

Not recommended for internal use by pregnant + nursing women or those with allergies to the Asteraceae family. 



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