Early Riser Companion

Early Riser Companion. Early Riser Companion is an indispensable family resource book filled with songs, rhymes, recipes and ideas for rituals and rhythms to layer into your home. It is a book for the new parent, a treasure for someone already along the parenting path, a spark of inspiration towards more growth and perspective.

Early Riser Companion consists of five chapters that take you through the arc of the day and the seasons of the year. 

1. Good Morning/Spring
2. Noontime/Summer
3. Good Afternoon/Autumn
4. Good Evening/Winter 
5. Around the Year 

Included are:

  • Beautiful photo essays with accompanying poems or reflections on that celebrate childhood and the transformation we undergo as we strive to parent consciously

  • Creating a morning circle time

  • Songs and finger rhymes to learn with your little ones for each season

  • Original content and artwork that weaves magic and imagination into each section and reminds us that peace begins at home

  • A rhythm wheel that can be used with your children to create a daily and weekly schedule

  • An "Around the Year" Section that is a mini-reference book with ideas for celebrations, easy mindfulness practices, herbal wellness recipes that I have used for years (herbal tonics, natural electrolytes, cough remedies) as well as thoughts on self-care, ayurvedic remedies,, and weaving anchor points of tradition and ritual throughout each season.

Measures 7.25" x 10"

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