Higher Mind Incense. Formulated using traditional aromatherapeutic knowledge, infused with Gem Essences to enhance their therapeutic qualities. Incense cones have been one of the most common and convenient form of incense for centuries. They burn slightly faster and produce a more potent aroma than stick incenses. Higher Mind incense cones are low-smoke producing.

  • Grandfather Sun: to aid in balancing an excess of Yin, stagnant, or emotional energies. Copal, palo santo, frankincense, and patchouli give this blend a profound presence, sharpening awareness and stoking the fire within.
  • Warm Heart: This relaxing blend brings love, gentleness, and heart healing to any atmosphere. Warm Heart incense is intended to unite beloved friends, family, and love partnerships. This compassion and love incense is formulated using rosemary and crushed dark amber resin, accompanied with hints of lavender; reawaken trust, ultimate comfort and calm.
  • Northwest: The fresh scent of cedarwood is gently soothed with amber, lavender, and patchouli, sharpening mental awareness while quieting a busy mind. These select aromatic herbs have traditionally been used to acheive peace and harmony for thousands of years.
  • Dreamwork: Lighting the Dreamtime blend before sleep can create a much more vivid and visionary dreaming experience, bringing guidance and wisdom through to waking reality. Indian Rosewood leaf, juniper berry, and mugwort, with hints of patchouli and lavender, ease the dreamer into higher states of awareness and wonder.
  • Evergreen: This Olympic Rainforest blend is ideal for personal transformation and generating peace within. In our Evergreen Incense, essences of cedar, fir, and pine are humbly complimented by the powerful spruce oil; awakening inner feelings of rejuvenation, opulence, and insight.
  • Grandmother Moon: A cooling mixture of clary sage, jasmine, coriander seed, and sandalwood helps bring balance to an excess of fiery, yang  energies.


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