Tarot Readings with Luminous Palm

Come by the shop and get your cards read with Caris of Luminous Palm, August 4th from 12-3PM! Sessions will be $40 for 25 minutes of curious exploration and gentle guidance. See you there!

Here's what people are saying after getting a reading with Caris:

“Insightful and wise. This was a wonderful experience. Exactly what I was hoping for my first tarot reading. I left feeling present and with a sense of renewed energy.”

“Caris nailed it! Everything that she picked up on was absolutely accurate & so helpful. I left with more clarity & direction.”

“I came to check in with Caris during a transitional period that needed clarity and she nailed it. Her ability to articulate my own internal struggles and the energy I'm holding is profound. She not only is able to map out where I'm at, how I'm feeling and what that means, but as an artist, she's able to offer insightful advice, and another perspective that feels bigger and more spacious than my narrow viewpoint. I'm in such awe of her abilities and highly recommend her!"

Read more about Caris and her work here

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