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Special thanks to our friends Alice and Sebastian of Miwak Junior for putting together this great mix! 

"I thought about how cool we are together. Then I thought about unity, I thought about freedom. Then I got mad about how they tricked us all into disbelieving in fun! Fun isn't frivolous, but rather an important, selfless act of preserving your very humanity that benefits the entire world. We seriously should chill and party for real if we want to survive.

Mix Recipe:
Lil rhinestone country
Tablespoon bump n' grind
Dash 80's synth pussy power
A microwave-softened stick of the litest yacht rock
Funk to taste 

Play 'em loud." 
-Miwak Junior  

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Miwak Junior for Individual Medley

STORE CLOSING SALE ON NOW! 50% off everything!

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