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Luminous Palm

When life gets confusing a little guidance can be so helpful. When we need a bit more support or illuminating, we turn towards Caris of Luminous Palm. Pulling and reading tarot cards can be such a  precious and intimate practice, we feel so lucky to have seen Caris's intuitive magic and connection. She's so gifted in helping connect the dots for us, while holding space for expansive growth and exploration- all with this beautiful medium. We're feeling even more lucky that we get to host her pop ups at the shop! If you're feeling curious about what's happening in your life or what's to come next, make a visit to the shop August 4th to get your own reading and guidance from Caris, she'll be in the shop from 12-3PM. Read on to get to know more about her practice~

Tell us a bit of who you are and what you do
I'm a painter and a Tarot reader based in Los Angeles.  

Whats a big misconception or myth about tarot you'd like to see end?
People who are unfamiliar with Tarot often think of it as fortune telling. While there are some readers who approach the cards in that way, I prefer to approach Tarot as an energy reading, reflecting where my clients are currently. There are hints of where they're headed, but I'm always redirecting their energy to the present.  Right now is where your agency is.  Waiting for tomorrow is giving your power away. 

How can one bring a bit of intuitive magic to their everyday life?  
Tuning inwards.  Taking time in the morning and the evenings to place a hand over your heart and close your eyes.   Or focusing your energy onto a plant or tree.  Slow down and really tune into it.  Watch the way it moves in the wind.  Observe its shape.  Observe its growth pattern.  The more we tune in and commune with our intuition and with nature, the more magical our experience of living becomes.

What card represents this year for the collective?
At the beginning of the 2019 I pulled the Ten of Pentacles. Pentacles are connected to our relationship to money, stability, and safety.  The material world.  The message that came to me about the Ten of Pentacles was about finding meaning through our work.  We're at a time of radical awakening.  More and more people are realizing they can no longer live a life that is not aligned with their truth and heart.  

How can one act more intimately with their creativity?
Creativity has to be protected and fostered.  Showing up, first and foremost.  Honoring that time.  Protecting it.  And nurturing it by really listening to and following what inspires you.

Whats an ideal weekend in LA look like for you?  
Going on a long hike in the morning, spending some time in the studio, eating all my meals outside and going to some art openings.  

Describe the mental landscape of your brain when you're in the studio painting.  
When I first start working its trying to reconnect with my work and tune out all of the distractions outside of the studio.  Meditating before working, even if it's just for a few minutes, helps me center.  Or listening to music. Then, if I'm lucky, I enter into a mental space that feels like being under water....a very fluid non logical space.   The rest of the world disappears.

What should everyone know before getting a tarot reading?
 A good Tarot reading is a collaborative energy exchange.  The more centered and open you are, the more information the reader can channel.  I've had some wonderful life changing readings, but I've also had some pretty bad ones.  Its worth seeking out someone who is good at their craft.   

What brings you joy lately?  
Sitting on the porch with my girlfriend and cat.  The sunlight in my studio in the late afternoon.

Thank Caris!
Photos by Marielle V Chua

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