Meet Lindsay Carver, the talented maker of Wheel Ceramic Co! We were able to spend some time at her lovely studio space in Sag Harbor, New York. We talked about everything from how she fell into making ceramics to how she spends her day when she's not in the studio, and everything inbetween. We love how each of her pieces are handmade and crafted with love. Meet Lindsay!  

What do you listen to while you are working?
LC: I mostly listen to audio books. Does that make me an avid “reader”? Haha. I also still like listening to This American Life after all these years… I guess I like hearing a good story while I work.

What in your neighborhood inspires you or your work?
LC: There is a great little potting community out here on the end of Long Island - they are a unique bunch, a lot of life-long potters. I’m part of the Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons which hosts workshops, ceramics classes, gas kiln firings, fundraisers, and pottery sales. Every member is from a different walk of life and they create such individual work from one another, it’s pretty inspiring to just get together to “talk shop” about ceramics.

How did you fall into making ceramics, and how long have you been making them?
LC: I had ordered a set of handmade ceramic plates online and when they arrived two of them were broken! I decided I would like to try learning how to make replacement plates, so I signed up for a class at a studio in Brooklyn called Choplet. This was about 5 years ago. I’m still learning every time I pot, ceramics are an amazingly vast form of art - there are just endless possibilities.

When you are not working in the studio, how do you spend your day?
LC: Well my husband Chris and I moved from Brooklyn about 4 years ago to have more time and space outdoors, so on any days off we try to spend them outside. We will take our dog, Goose, on a walk or maybe go surfing if there are waves. In the summer we basically live at the beach and in winter I try not too watch too much tv.

Have you taken any trips lately?
LC: We drove up the coast of Maine for a friend’s wedding this fall, it was so beautiful up there! My friend Em gave me a tour of Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, it was beautiful and I hope to do a residency there one day. One night we camped on Hermit Island, which I highly recommend if you can snag an ocean-side campsite.

What’s next for Wheel Ceramic Co.?
LC: I’m working with Chris to open a little shop in Springs. We will be selling my ceramics there as well as other goodies. It’s quite an undertaking so I’ve been pretty busy with that. Plus I am going to be a mom this June! All very big and new things this year. Stop by our shop this summer to say hello!

Thank you Lindsay! Thank you Elli, who shot all these beautiful photos! See more of her work at: www.ellilaurenphotography.com

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