Today on the blog we got to know the process and the woman behind Gold Teeth Brooklyn. We met with Jesse at her sunny, bright, studio in LA studio as she screen printed a few of her leaf prints for us. We chatted about following your interest, redefining your dreams, and how cute her dog Scout is, and the differences between the East and West coast while the sunlight poured through the windows. Meet Jesse!



What made you decide on screen printing rather than letter pressing or digital printing your cards?
JL: I fell in love with screen printing in college. I love how messy and hands on it is. When I moved to Brooklyn right after school I was able to screen print out of my shoe box apartment, washing screens in the bathtub, printing on our kitchen table, drying prints on our living room floor. It's such an accessible method of printing that I effectively started my business from my kitchen for a few hundred bucks. 


What's the last concert you saw?
JL: I just went to Detroit’s oldest jazz club, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, the other night. The group that was on stage played Sade and a bunch of other soulful stuff. They were awesome! 

What're your three favorite emojis?
JL: The hand making the peace sign, the ocean waves, and the pencil. (I just happen to have card designs of all three of those!)


What's your favorite card you've made so far?
JL: It's always changing. Right now it's my oyster card that reads “I shucking love you” 


What age do you feel right now and why?
JL: 33, because that’s how old I am. My mom always says no matter how old you get, you'll always still feel like you're in your 30s. We'll see! 

What is a secret talent you have that most people aren’t aware of?
JL: I can recite Wayne’s World beginning to end


Moving from NY, what's surprised you most about LA?
JL: That LA is VERY into donuts, it really went against the food stereotypes I had about LA. There are more donut shops than juice bars! 

What's your favorite part of screen printing?
JL: The very first run of ink onto the paper, it’s magic watching the image transfer!

If you had a billboard on a major freeway, what would it say?


Thanks Jesse!

Photos by Marielle Chua


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