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One of the best things about LA is the amazing community of creatives, makers, and advocates. So it's no surprise that Scarlett from FIGS fits right in with the mix. Her lingerie company, FIGS, encompasses many of the principles that we strive for and work towards-- function, inclusion, and beauty. We hung out her and her sweet animals to talk and sip tea, scroll on to read more about Scarlett and get some kitten envy.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do:
My Name is Scarlett Rose Patterson, I'm from London, and I moved to L.A 7 years ago. I am an actress and have a Lingerie brand called FIGS Underwear. Recently I’ve been enjoying doing more photography as well, and I shoot a lot of things for FIGS.

What inspired FIGS? How has the journey been so far, and where would you like to see it headed? 
I started FIGS Underwear after the sudden passing of my husband in 2016. I was determined to channel my grief into something positive. I felt like until then my whole identity and creative outlet was my acting career. I wanted to explore the other parts of who I was and what else I could do and create. I have always loved design and fashion but had a thing specifically for good lingerie. As a teenager I had started collecting vintage and designer lingerie pieces. I'd save up my pocket money each month to buy a pair of silk knickers from Coco de Mer (the most gorgeous lingerie shop in London).  When I started thinking about the kind of brand I wanted to create, I envisioned a line full of basics in a variety of colors, cut in soft fabrics; intimates that felt like a second skin and most importantly made women feel good while wearing them. I wanted to design a line that celebrated the feminine curves, with easy to wear loungewear and comfy everyday bras and undies, nothing fussy, just comfortable and chic. For my first collection, I was inspired by the classic 90’s Calvin Klein slips and the sumptuous earthy colors from Bottecili paintings, lines that were simple yet feminine. It was important for me to create a brand that valued things like inclusivity, sensuality and body positivity. I have lots of ideas for the future of FIGS! I'm planning to bring back our loungewear pieces that have been sold out in new deadstock fabrics, add new color ways to our existing selection of intimates and expand our offering of styles. Eventually I want FIGS to grow into more of a lifestyle brand and introduce things like apothecary, swimwear, and self care products. I want to expand the blog and continue to open discussion about women’s self image and mental health, and organize events and workshops centering around community and how we can support one another.

FIGS is so much about inclusivity and body positivity, do you remember a turning point when these ideas became important to you?
When I was exploring the idea of starting a brand it became very obvious to me that there was a real lack of diversity within the industry. Very few brands were showing women as they are. So many huge brands were projecting these unattainable body standards in their campaigns onto women. I felt like I couldn’t find any brands that I connected with, not only as far as their representation but aesthetically and comfort wise also. I have big boobs and don’t generally like underwired bras, like many women I find them extremely uncomfortable, but I struggled to find a soft wireless bra that worked for me, and that was comfortable and flattering. I started to research: I asked my friends how they felt and what they wanted in lingerie and what they thought was missing within the industry and in brands. One of the main points that kept coming up from different women was that they wanted a good comfortable wireless t-shirt bra but couldn’t find one. Thats where the Lola Bra came from. I made it my mission to create the comfiest wireless bra that would give support and a bit of a lift, would look nice under a t-shirt, and would work with all shapes!

What's been your favorite part of creating your own line thus far?
Ive met such incredible women since starting FIGS, really creative, supportive and inspiring gems that I hope to be friends with forever.  Also hearing from my customers has been pretty dreamy, especially hearing how a FIGS piece has made them feel good in their body. This brand is very personal to me, and to get lovely messages from people all over the world still blows my mind! It makes it all worth it! 

How would you define femininity?
Femininity to me is when I celebrate my softness, when I tap into my intuition,
and when I listen and allow myself to be vulnerable and open. 

What's a lesson, big or small, that you've learned that you'd want others to know?
That life is never static, it moves in cycles. Whatever shitty thing is happening right now won’t last. Surrender and look to where you can grow from it. I truly believe that there is something to be learned from every experience, good or bad. Also, worrying is a waste of time! I'm still trying to figure this one out, but its been a helpful mantra recently. 

What are your go to self care practices? 
I love cooking. I get a lot of joy from cooking for the people I love and I find it calming. I love putting on clean sheets, curling up with a good book and napping with my partner and our dog Weegie and cats Winnie and Oliver, there is a real sense of safety when we're all together. Also long baths and podcasts, I’ve obsessed with Oprah and her Super Soul Sundays podcast, I always feel so much better after listening. Perhaps it's her voice, it's so comforting! I also enjoy gardening and sitting with my plants in the morning or early evening, there’s something very meditative about watering plants.

Who would you like to see wearing FIGS? 
Oprah! Jk. But not really kidding. I have to say, I’m very thankful to my loyal customers that come back and buy my products again and again, I’m happy that anyone is wearing something I created at all! It would also be really cool if Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag bought some FIGS though, I’m obsessed with that show and also loved Killing Eve which she developed. I have dreams to get FIGS in stores in a my homeland, that would be very special for me. 

What would you tell your younger self/what hopes do you have for your future self?
Scarlett, stop being mean to yourself! Drink more water and don’t pick your spots/pimples, it makes them so much worse! 

And lastly, what songs do you have playing on repeat lately?
Horizon by Aldous Harding, Miami Memory by Alex Cameron, The Others by When Young, and Seventeen by Sharron Van Etten 

Thank you Scarlett! 
Photos by Marielle V Chua

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