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Erica Chidi Cohen

As the evolution for all things health and wellness continues on, we're learning and reintroducing ideas into our daily lives and practices. We've been introduced to new ways we talk about and approach self care, began to reset the mindset towards our diet to be more in tune with what our bodies need, it seems as though all previous ways of being are up for reconsideration. So it's really no surprise that we can now see the shift and change in our conversations about pregnancy, as well as the methods of approaching motherhood. We got to speak with Erica Chidi Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of LOOM, an all encompassing center (that's exceptionally calm and beatiful!) for both reproductive empowerment, pregnancy, and parenting. LOOM is shedding light on the different ways to function and thrive in a world with so many reproductive options and pathways, with Erica and her team leading the way. We're thrilled to have her be a part of our community, and thankful for the guidance, support, and encouragement she provides in what can be such a sensitive space. Meet Erica!

So much about being a person is being familiar and confident in your body, what are some tools or strategies someone could use to become more comfortable in their own skin?
ECC: Paying more attention to how you treat your body, is simple way to begin to building confidence. Sleep hygiene, food choices, movement --- these things all play into how we see ourselves. The more well-rested and well-fed you are, the easier it becomes to look at your body more gently. The company you keep is also important, surround yourself with people that build you up and make you feel good about yourself.

What’re your three favorite spots in LA to recenter and recharge?
ECC: Natura Korean Spa, Huntington Gardens, Mind + Motion Pilates

What upcoming projects, workshops, or different services are you excited about?
ECC: I’m really excited about our Roadmap classes at LOOM. Roadmap: Periods is all about how to make your period more enjoyable and empowered. Roadmap: Sex is about a pleasure-centered approach to sex. There’s also a LOOM podcast in the works, and we’re currently look at ways to take our brand to a digital platform in the near future.  

What’s one myth about womanhood or motherhood that you would love to dispel?
ECC: That everybody has to be a mother. The choice to have a child is deeply subjective and I think it’s just as brave to choose not to have a child as it is to decide to become a mother.

When do you feel your strongest, when do you feel your most vulnerable - how do you operate out of those spaces?
ECC: I feel my strongest when I execute an idea I’ve been working on for a long time. I do my best to celebrate those moments coming to fruition.

I’m my most vulnerable right after a long birth, I usually eat a big bowl of pasta, take a long bath, watch Grand Designs reruns and go to sleep.


What advice do you have for new parents who hear so much advice, but now they’re having trouble following their intuition?
ECC: Perform experiments. Sometimes we doubt our intuition and never implement the advice it’s giving us. Act on your intuition first before doubting it. If your intuition leads you astray, that’s ok -- but at least you know that you tried it, rather than sitting in a place of “what if”. From there  remember to be gentle on yourself, unpack what went wrong and get some support for people you trust and try again.

What’s a couple songs to get you moving and energized for the day?

That’s The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
Baltimore - Nina Simone
I Can’t Do Without You - Caribou

Thank you Erica!

Photos by Marielle Chua

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