Today on the blog, we found ourselves in Downtown Los Angeles at Ashkahn Shahparnia's, of Ashkahn cards, bright and airy studio space. Our visit was filled with laughs and talks about how he made his first card to some fun new places to visit in LA. Ashkahn's cards are known for their simplicity, to the point text, and his signature bubblegum ballerina pink envelopes. We're so honored to have him be part of our shop and excited to feature him on the blog! Meet Ashkahn! 

What do you listen to while you are working?
AS: Currently, Meat Loaf or Muddy Waters

Tell us about Ashkahn. 
AS: It was the biggest accident ever. It came very organically. It was my friends birthday, I could draw, and didn't want to go out and buy a crappy card from Hallmark so I made my own. People started asking for it and it snow balled from there. The color hot pink just gets me. It says so much to me. It's freedom.

This or That: Inspiration will come to you, or you must always chase inspiration? 
AS: I think it's a mix of both. Sometimes I'm sitting around thinking about nothing and the best idea ever comes. I drop everything and write it down before it disappears. Inspiration comes from everywhere, I don't think you need to chase it so much as long as you are a part of life. If you immerse yourself in it and LIVE. Inspiration will chase you.

Do you have any mantras or personal mottos you try to live by?
AS: Everything in moderation including moderation. Oscar Wilde said that.

What's the most important part of your work day?
AS: Pooping.

What's something you want to write for a card, but the world isn't ready yet?
AS: I can't say it's still brewing somewhere deep in the crevices of my mind.

What's the easiest thing about design that people misunderstand?
AS: No comment =)

What do you love most about Los Angeles? 
AS: Every single ounce of it. The palm trees move me. They represent these mini shrines that stand above this mysterious city and bless it.

You love tiki drinks. What's your favorite tiki bar? 
AS: Tiki Ti


Thank you Ashkahn! See some of his cards here

Photos by Marielle Chua

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